Our E-Book for Artists has landed

We are so excited!

Our E-Book ‘Smashing it in the Art Industry’ is finally here.

Although we had hoped it would be sooner, we are big believers in Universal Timing and so we feel the right time simply is NOW – and we both really hope, that if you are an artist, you might just find it useful and helpful.  Coming from a family of artists as well as running a contemporary art gallery ourselves over the past decade, we know both sides of the coin so well – and so we felt we might be in a good position to try and address some of the questions that we were getting asked regularly.

To be fair, we have noticed over the years, that there are large information gaps in the art industry. For artists, regardless of what their background is, whether self-taught, straight from art college, just starting out, emerging or even those who were already established, there seemed to remain, a million questions and no clear path to follow. From finding your path to sales, to dealing with galleries, pricing your work and branding and also the business side of things – it can feel overwhelming to try and discover it all yourself.

 So, we have put together a guide for artists who are considering a professional career in art and who are trying to navigate a path through the industry. It might even be the first time a private contemporary art gallery has put their thoughts and tips down on paper like this – and is based on our observations but we do hope it is helpful!

Although this book is written as our observations, it might just help people grasp the nuances of the industry, as well as, perhaps, to claim more autonomy over their own career paths. At only €15 this 80-page E-Book, titled ‘Smashing it in the Art Industry’ can be found by going to www.kilbahagallery.com – and downloaded via your BOOKS app on iPhone – or Google Playbooks for Android.