Have you Considered a Company Art Collection?

Featured Image: The Magnificent Loop Head by Mark Eldred

One of the most important spaces for the procurement and support of Irish art continues to be the corporate space.

Although art is, for the most part, an appreciating asset and thus a clever investment, as well as being a positive contribution to their working environments, many companies see their purchasing of Irish contemporary art as an act of social responsibility. Companies, big and small, are often regarded as patrons of the arts through the purchasing and showcasing of Irish art in their lobbies and main thoroughfares for staff and visiting dignitaries to enjoy.

Art helps to create a space that is a constant talking point and thus an interesting space to work in. In fact, art in the workplace can have a hugely positive impact on the overall working environment, whether it is a large abstract installation or a specially commissioned work of fine art, from portrait sculpture to oil on canvas, art can create a very important dialogue between the fabric of the building and the people within it.

It is also wonderful for companies to be able to gift specially commissioned pieces of art for retiring board members or other such important people or to mark significant moments.

The building up and growing of your company art collection, could also be seen as a financial investment. The collection, or certainly parts of it, could potentially increase in value over time.

Note: There are opportunities for companies to include the purchase of original art amongst their assets for tax depreciation but it pertains to original art that remains on display in public thoroughfares or spaces.  Speak to your financial advisor for further information. 

Kilbaha Gallery is a small but beautiful, family run art gallery on the Loop Head Peninsula in West Clare. Curated and run by sisters in law, Ailish and Liz, the Gallery represents a whole host of professional Irish artists from up and down the country. The family have been steeped in the art industry for two generations.