The basis for a great art collection

How to build an exciting art collection, even if you don’t know much about the industry.

There is only one major rule.

Learning about the art industry in its entirety, or in some acutely intense way, would be very interesting and even, would you believe, a lot of fun – however, is it entirely necessary? Not really – because the primary, simply most important rule of thumb in surrounding yourself with beautiful things, is to follow your heart.

Yes there are certain elements that might be important to know – such as whether your art is an original piece or maybe a limited edition? Whether your art is old or more contemporary? Trying to understand how it looks in your home or office – what it says about you – what it alludes to perhaps? Why it spoke to you? How to place it in the right space? – in the right light and so on?

But at the end of all of that, it still boils down to the one major question – do you love it? And if you do, then you’ve won!

That forms the basis of any exciting art collection –

After that – and I mean after you have now decided to add a piece to your collection simply because you love it – then you can start looking a bit further into the artist – why have they appealed to you so much? Was it the way it was painted? Or sculpted? Was it the subject matter? Maybe it was down to the colour palette? Try to learn more about this artist and their style and choices. Try to learn more about your own personal choices and what you seem to be drawn towards – is there a pattern emerging? Or is it more of an eclectic mix?

If you always love the pieces you choose, then you will always have the basis for a great collection – and who knows, your eye might just be that good, that it becomes an extraordinary collection in time.

Kilbaha Gallery is a small but beautifully formed, family run art gallery and gift shop in West Clare, Ireland. Run by sisters in law Liz and Ailish, the gallery plays host to large amounts of professional contemporary Irish artists – and all art can be viewed and purchased online here on their online gallery