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Kilbaha Gallery connects you with professional contemporary artists from all around Ireland, offering original works to suit any taste. Discover new art and find a statement piece for your home or special occasion.


Original art can make a very special and unique gift. However, choosing that piece for someone else can sometimes be a tricky task. Why not treat them to a ‘Kilbaha Gallery’ Online Gift Voucher – allowing them to browse and buy at their leisure from our online art gallery here on our website.

E-Book: ‘Smashing it in the Art Industry’

Are you considering a career in art?  Or perhaps you are already established in the industry? Either way, you may find yourself with some industry questions, as you look to elevate your career? From understanding galleries, pricing your work or just getting your foot on that first rung of the ladder in your career, there’s a lot to juggle.

We’ve answered many of the most asked questions for you in this industry E Book.

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Our E-Book for Artists has landed

We are so excited! Our E-Book ‘Smashing it in the Art Industry’ is finally here. Although we had hoped it would be sooner, we are big believers in Universal Timing and so we feel the right time simply is NOW – and we both really hope, that if you are an artist, you might just…