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Kilbaha Gallery connects you with professional contemporary artists from all around Ireland, offering original works to suit any taste. Discover new art and find a statement piece for your home or special occasion.


Original art can make a very special and unique gift. However, choosing that piece for someone else can sometimes be a tricky task. Why not treat them to a ‘Kilbaha Gallery’ Online Gift Voucher – allowing them to browse and buy at their leisure from our online art gallery here on our website.

Breaking the Mould

We wanted to create a range of products that didnt just complement our gallery but also epitomised how we feel about life, work and art. ‘Breaking the Mould’ summed that up for us.

Being true to yourself, staying as original as you can, enjoying what you do every day and following your passions are all routes to personal happiness. Life is for living. #breakingthemould

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Have you Considered a Company Art Collection?

Featured Image: The Magnificent Loop Head by Mark Eldred One of the most important spaces for the procurement and support of Irish art continues to be the corporate space. Although art is, for the most part, an appreciating asset and thus a clever investment, as well as being a positive contribution to their working environments,…