Original Art by Heidi Wickham at Kilbaha Gallery

Original Art by Heidi Wickham

Quite a while ago, we fell in love with the work of Heidi Wickham. She is an artist in the most beautifully natural way. It takes quite the artistic ability, to be able to achieve that wonderful balance between producing something that perfectly resembles the subject matter and – yet being able to keep it light-hearted, quirky, artistic and overflowing with personality. Her love of animals and her ability to perfectly capture their funny little personality quirks and poses, is what has catapulted her to the status she now enjoys.

What is that status? Well, as of the most exciting artists currently on the contemporary art landscape, Heidi has a huge following for her original work, an international buyer base, populated by both corporate and domestic buyers and has had many successful exhibitions and solo shows. Heidi is fast becoming really, very, collectable.

A Heidi Wickham original is on many, many wish lists right now.  Browse our Heidi Collection Here