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New Work in by Gillian Murphy

We get really excited when new pieces by Gillian Murphy land in the Gallery. That moment when we unwrap and reveal them to each other for the first time is always a joy!

This latest collection of work by the accomplished Dublin artist, however, actually took our breath away. The silence, in itself, was telling. We were truly in love.

Led by this huge metre x metre piece called Nocturne, the whole collection (of that one and four smaller pieces) is beautifully atmospheric and each painting brings you silently and yet immediately into the moment; placing you directly in that still, quiet, evening time, landscape; breathing deeply the fresh air and sensing the peace and tranquility that surrounds you – or in the case of Facet Series, a gorgeous melding of pastel colours and geometric shapes, the piece was equally mesmerising.

This piece – and all of Gillian’s works – are quietly beautiful and yet make such a powerful visual impact in any space.-

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