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Locked Down on Loop Head

Locked Down in Loop Head Co Clare (could be worse, to be fair!)

Its a cold and crisp but very beautiful start to 2021 here on Loop Head. Kilbaha Gallery (like the rest of the world) is locked down again for god knows how long and we are staying as safe as we can. We are lucky to be surrounded by such extraordinary beauty. We have people on this website and on our social pages from across the country and indeed from all across the globe, most of whom, at various stages, have visited Loop Head – (and the gallery) when times were easier. We hope that all our international friends are coping ok during this worldwide pandemic and we look forward to a time when we can all meet again.

Kilbaha Gallery is a beautiful family owned and run art gallery on the Loop Head Peninsula in West Co Clare (Ireland). It plays host to many professional contemporary artists from across the country.
Because of COVID the gallery team are all working online – you can visit their online shop HERE