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Is Art the Perfect Gift?

Featured Piece: A Pan Full by Diana Marshall

Is Art the perfect gift?

Well, yes, it certainly can be – and here are TEN reasons why!

1: It shows you have really thought about the gift

2: It is an inherently special and meaningful thing to receive

3: It is unique (one off, original) and ultimately a collectable item

4: Someone has poured their love, their energy, and their talent, into it

5: It meant something very special to the person who created it

6: It has a back story – which, if not immediately evident, you can find out (from the artist or the gallery)

7: It will retain its value and there is a possibility that if chosen well, it may go up in value over time

8: It helps add to a growing collection or may help kick start an art collection for the receiver

9: It can provide a meaningful legacy piece that the person may want to hand down in time

10: It is supporting an artist – and this is one of the most important reasons!

TIP: Art is by its very nature, hugely subjective. It can be tricky to successfully choose art for someone else HOWEVER, people do so all the time! Think about how well do you know the person, consider what subject matters they like, what colour schemes or styles they may generally be drawn to or try to find out who their favourite artist is!

Kilbaha Gallery – is a small but beautiful art gallery on the Loop Head Peninsula in Co. Clare, that plays home to the work of many professional contemporary Irish artists.  Since the onset of lockdowns as a result of Covid 19, the gallery sells most of their art online to a broad domestic and international customer base.

Browse their online gallery here –