Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Although storm Fionn has hit the West Coast of County Clare rather hard – and technically the actual gallery here in Kilbaha won’t be open to the public for another couple of weeks – Ailish and I (and my incredible mother) are here beavering away, stock taking, moving, wrapping and facing the reams of paperwork that have awaited us since before Christmas – and all while the wind and rain howl unforgivingly outside. Of course, here in the world of virtual shopping, our online gallery is always open, (www.kilbahagallery.com) but our bricks and mortar presence is in definite need of a little tender loving care …and it is clear that no amount of bad weather is going to stop us getting organized. We want things to be just right when we throw open the doors again mid Feb.

We have also had some new pieces of art come in during the down time, with more on the way, which is rather exciting – some of which are up on our website and the rest which we will have photographed and up online very soon. Watch this space!

In the meantime, we have very high hopes for an exciting 2018 – there will be lots of twists and turns no doubt, but we are eternally optimistic as always and we want to wish every one of you a wonderful start to the New Year.

Remember, buying art doesn’t just make sense in the moment it makes sense into the future! Art will make you smile every day for years and years to come – it doesn’t lose value (if you mind it) and if anything, it can appreciate in value as the years go by.  There is also nothing more exciting than forming an art collection that you can be proud of.

Our thoughts this New Year are why not make ‘Starting an Art Collection’ one of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 and if you already have one, lets make a combined effort to help you make it bigger!! If you work in a corporate environment, have you considered the positive effects that art can have on your working environment and your staff? Or have you thought about the ripple effect of using Irish art as a corporate gift?
With some of our artists looking at their next national exhibitions, others being commissioned to do very high profile statues, and others looking at going into design and production, we think 2018 is going to be the ‘Year for Irish Art’ – lets make that happen.

PS If you happen to be travelling around Ireland this year, either as a domestic tourist or an overseas visitor why not make Loop Head one of your adventure stops! Incredibly beautiful, breath-taking scenery, gorgeous drives, looped walks, hikes, hidden beaches, cycle routes, heritage sites, nature sites, dolphin watching trips, award winning restaurants and of course our shop and gallery! What more could you want. See www.loophead.ie for more details.