4 wheels one roof

Four Wheels and a Roof – Visited our Gallery

It was somewhat late in the summer of 2021, before we were in a position to re-open our doors to the public since the onset of Covid restrictions – and thankfully, although, it was almost like working through some sort of controlled experiment, and we were quite nervous about it all, it worked out very well and was ultimately a busy period for us. The weather was amazing for quite a lot of this summer season and everyone was in wonderful form – happy, loving life, getting out in the sunshine, walking, hiking, cycling and swimming.
Loop Head was looking mighty fine indeed.

In the midst of this, we were introduced (by our beautiful neighbour Mary Vermet) to a young family who were travelling around Ireland in their camper van – or so we initially thought. The reality, it seems, was far more exciting, as Mary explained. This young couple, Simon and Adeline, were travelling the WORLD, with their two small children and three pets, in what they refer to as a nomadic lifestyle – and blogging about it! Although their travels in their camper van are fun and exciting, they do stop for periods of time in long term rentals in order to catch their breath, catch up on work and so on.
We were really taken with their sense of adventure and fun (and in a lot of ways, rather jealous!). They are documenting their travels on their blog – “4 wheels and 1 Roof” – it is worth reading!! If you follow the link below, it immediately asks you to clink a button to translate to English if you need it – and immerse yourself in their fun!

Also, they wrote about their visit to the gallery and included some lovely images:) Yaay

Follow this link below to their blog.

The Kilbaha Gallery: art on the Atlantic route – 4 wheels and 1 roof (4roues-et-1toit.com)


Kilbaha Gallery is a small, family run art gallery on the Loop Head Peninsula, West Clare. Run by sisters-in-law, Ailish and Liz, the gallery plays host to many professional contemporary Irish artists from all around Ireland. They run an online version of their gallery on www.kilbahagallery.com and are shipping art all over the world.