Turbulent Seas on Loop Head by Mark Eldred for Kilbaha Gallery

How Art Can Elevate Your Space

How original art can truly elevate your space

Do you have a space in your home that just requires that extra ‘certain something’?

It looks good, the walls are freshly painted, there is a beautiful old sideboard there, that came from your grandmother’s house and a fabulous Queen Anne chair that you picked up in a recent sale.
It all looks great but …. Is it just missing that final touch?

That piece de résistance?

Original art has quite a few major benefits here.

Not only is a painting or a piece of sculpture going to be unique and exclusive, making it quite the focal point in your room, looking striking on the wall or on your sideboard, making an immediate impact as soon as people enter that space – but it will also inspire conversations and engage people. Art nearly always inspires questions; the piece may be a nod to your past or to a particular chapter in your life story, it may have been handed down through generations or be something you snapped up at auction or indeed it may be a recent contemporary purchase that carries a special meaning for you and your family.
Overall, quality will always shine through – and art will elevate and lift that space to new heights.

At Kilbaha Gallery, there is a wealth of knowledge behind our selection of artists and their work – this is based on two generations of our family being steeped within the art industry in Ireland. Let our choices help you form yours.