Original Irish Art, Virtually…..

Original Irish Art Virtually

As we stand here in the Gallery, with its freshly painted walls and beautiful new artwork, the rooms are strangely quiet; there is no chatter, no laughter and no music. Our precious team are in their homes and we miss them, and indeed we miss you all, very much. But this period of lockdown is so important in the fight against Covid-19 and thus we know that closing the gallery to the public was, and continues to be, the right thing to do.

However, while the gravity of the global situation weighs heavy, perhaps we can, at least, allow ourselves a little escapism, and enjoy and appreciate the wonder that is ‘art’,  albeit virtually.

So please sit back and enjoy perusing our website. We will continue to update our virtual gallery walls, our blogs, images, even videos (coming soon) so keep coming back too!

While people across the globe are processing their new normal, trying in many cases to fill the lockdown void by keeping busy, re-painting their houses, re-arranging their living-spaces and creating home offices – maybe it is the perfect time to consider marking this historic period in our lives by looking at our art collections, and their meaning to us; or to start an art collection for the very first time. Each piece in your collection forms a part of your personal story – and in time, your legacy.

A piece of art bought now, during this unusual period, will end up being representative of your current experience; that is to say, representative perhaps of new beginnings, new realisations, a turning point, the memory of a loved one – or perhaps simply the joy of buying something beautiful, that made you smile, when everything else seemed so scary.

How will you mark this chapter in your story?

We miss you all but are glad we can stay connected to you here, virtually and will be back with lots more, soon!

Liz and Ailish