Pauline Dunleavy in her studio in West Clare

Pauline’s inspiration is West Clare

Artist Pauline Dunleavy is inspired by her surroundings in West Clare – Buy Irish Art

If you hail from the West or are a regular visitor, there’s a good chance you will know Pauline Dunleavy. An artist, art-teacher, prominent business woman (Anchor Crafts) volunteer and community activist, Pauline is a well known

Aprons hanging in Pauline Dunleavy's studio in West Clare
aprons hanging Pauline Dunleavy’s studio in West Clare

and highly thought of individual in Kilrush and beyond. Pauline is influenced and inspired by the West Clare Coastline and in particular the Kilrush area. Her eye for capturing the simple beauty in the scenes around her means that her representations of the locale have become a lovely and important thing for people to collect and own into the future. Pauline gave us a sneak peak into her studio. “My aprons, hanging there, are possibly my best utensils; as when I put them on, the world is switched off, while I get lost in mixing and applying paint”. Pauline works primarily in oils but sometimes uses acrylic and watercolour too.

“The paints I use for my oil pieces are a brand called Michael Harding. I just love the quality and the sheen from them. Beautiful to put on a canvas. Let’s say I mean business when using them!”

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Brushes in Pauline Dunleavy's studio

Oils in Paulines studio buy Irish art online