Diana Marshall for Kilbaha Gallery

Art with Meaning

Obviously, as a gallery, we sell a lot of art – but the reasons are often so varied – its a gift – or – it’s for investment purposes – or – its for a company collection – or it was to finish a particular look in a new home or during a commercial renovation maybe – but the most often and our absolute favourite is – we just couldn’t get it out of our minds.

Even though art is often a long term investment and will most definitely help ‘anchor’ a certain look you might be trying to achieve, really, it is always the most fulfilling when you have fallen in love with a piece first. It perhaps should have caught you unawares, made you stop in your tracks a little bit, even sneaked back into your mind later on and again and again. The best art purchases are those that really speak to you personally, that have a meaning that maybe no one else would even understand, but you would. That brings you somewhere; transports you to a time in your life or a space that you felt moved in – or that reminds you of a special person.

That’s what art is – that’s what art does.

Featured Piece: ‘Come Close’ by Diana Marshall – link to painting HERE

Kilbaha Gallery is a small but beautiful, family run art gallery on the Loop Head Peninsula, in the West of Ireland. Showcasing many professional contemporary artists from the length and breadth of the country, the gallery sells work online, all over the world and ships worldwide.