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Art is the Perfect ‘New Home’ or ‘Housewarming’ Gift

Featured Image: Roadside, by Padraig McCaul – oil on canvas – view it HERE

Someone you know and love, or that you work with, has just moved into a new home.  Whether it’s a house they have bought, built, or are renting, there is no doubt, original art makes such sense as a gorgeous and very significant gift.

It might be a piece from an artist you know that they absolutely love, or indeed it might be a piece of art where the subject has special meaning. For instance, if you are thinking of a painting, it could be of a place or view that is important to them, or if you are thinking of a statue, it could be something abstract and beautiful, stylized animals, figures or indeed portraiture.

The beauty of art for someone’s home, is that quite often, if you have a sense of someone’s style (or better still, have already visited their home and know what they like) you could safely then choose something that is either very contemporary and modern, traditional, and classic, or something that is abstract and funky.

Also, if they are in an apartment or loft space, a nice gift can sometimes be limited edition prints or art posters – which can make for fantastically fun and interesting pieces to place on large contemporary wall spaces.

Note: If you really want them to have the gift of original art or a limited edition piece but are hesitant to make the choice, either you could bring them with you to the gallery (or contact us virtually) to discuss a particular brief or indeed you could always consider giving them the gift of a personalised gallery voucher so that they can ultimately come and choose a piece of their own or with you at a later date.

Kilbaha Gallery is a small but beautifully formed family business, representing up to 50 professional contemporary artists from around Ireland. They also have a bronze foundry on site. The gallery has been operating successfully for 8 years now, having built a strong client base in Ireland and from all around the world, but the Connolly family have been involved in art in Kilbaha for over 50 years. You can view their online gallery HERE