Animal Instincts

Buying Original Irish Art Online (especially if you’re an animal lover!)

For those of you that have visited our Gallery here on the Loop Head Peninsula, West Clare, you will quite probably have been greeted enthusiastically – not just by Ailish and I – but by the gallery border collie, Brandy. He just loves to wag his tail and greet everyone and get cuddled lovingly by all who pass him (he’s really missing this since our gallery went online as a result of covid)
Our love of animals continues inside, particularly at the moment, with original acrylics on canvas by Heidi Wickham – paintings that currently include a spaniel, a hare and even a panda!  We also happen to have a rather regal looking bronze cat, a small and adorable stylized bronze dog and a Padraig McCaul original oil painting of sheep on Achill Island. Its rather an arty menagerie at the moment.

Certainly worth checking out on our shop page right here!  … Go on… you know you want to!