The Alluring Nature of a Still Life …

Its just an object …. often a normal item we mostly see every day. Why is that this object becomes suddenly so alluring as a still life subject matter? Is it the fact that it tells its own story? That the story itself eludes us and we have to rewrite it in our own heads?…

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The Master …..

Mark Eldred truly is a master of oils. We are forever mesmerised by his abilities to paint a scene quite so realistic, that you feel transported from wherever you are, to within that peaceful forest walk, to walking along that striking cliff side or to almost inhaling the smells of a marvellous avenue of flowers….

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New Arrivals

It has to be said that this has been a tremendous week at The Gallery, what with the arrival of some fabulous new artwork from Gillian Murphy, Ruth Wood, Padraig McCaul and Eadaoin Harding Kemp, three stunning new paintings from the master of oils, Mark Eldred, a very striking and three amazing new artworks from…

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Elaine and Spencer, Illinois, USA “When we first saw the beautiful painting “Rock Journey”, we thought that, though it was particularly beautiful and would look beautiful in home, there was no way that the painting would ever be ours. Little did we know that the the seeming hurdles of its size, the fact that it…

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When Life Imitates Art

An evening in March, brought with it the most stunning of sunsets recently – a type of evening light that even the most adept photographer couldn’t have captured exactly as it was. With our lowly android, we managed to come some bit close. Loop Head is quite simply breathtaking.

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New Contemporary Bronzes

As a sculptor, Seamus Connolly really doesn’t disappoint. Because his main body of work is largely private and public commissions on a commemorative level (i.e. life-size public statues etc), his small contemporary, stylized pieces are harder to come by and don’t last very long in the gallery.

Also, by their very nature (i.e. individually sculpted and cast limited editions) he can only make them one at a time, so all of those factors makes for a much sought after combination.

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