Why do People Buy Art?

Why do people buy art? There are many reasons why someone buys a piece of art – but it normally breaks down to one of these four reasons. (a) Primarily, in almost all cases at a contemporary art level, it’s because the person LOVES a piece, it complements their space or triggers an emotional memory….

Crab Island by Kaye Maahs
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Buying Art Online

Featured Piece: Geraniums by Oonagh O Toole (oils) – €350 – for more on this piece click HERE Where can I buy Professional Irish Art Online? KilbahaGallery.com of course! Ireland has many wonderful galleries and most, if not all of them at this stage, are selling art very successfully online now.  At KilbahaGallery.com we are…

Oonagh O Toole for Kilbaha Gallery Buy Irish Art Online
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Have you Considered a Company Art Collection?

One of the most important spaces for the procurement and support of Irish art continues to be the corporate space. Although art is, for the most part, an appreciating asset and thus a clever investment, as well as being a positive contribution to their working environments, many companies see their purchasing of Irish contemporary art…

Mark Eldred for Kilbaha Gallery Buy Irish Art Online
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Art with Meaning

Obviously, as a gallery, we sell a lot of art – but the reasons are often so varied – its a gift – or – it’s for investment purposes – or – its for a company collection – or it was to finish a particular look in a new home or during a commercial renovation…

Diana Marshall for Kilbaha Gallery
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Commemorative Art Ireland -John F Kennedy, Bruff, Co. Limerick

Commemorative Art Ireland – John F Kennedy, Bruff, Co. Limeick In May, 2019, a life-size statue of the late President of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was publicly unveiled in his ancestral home of Bruff Co. Limerick. It was unveiled by Mairead McGuniness, Vice President of the European Parliament. Seamus’ sculpted this over many months and…

Commemorative John F Kennedy by Seamus Connolly
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Let’s talk about PRINTS

Prints, in the art world, are a delicate balance. Are they a good thing? Yes, they really can be. Is there a time when they are a bad thing?  Yes, if it hurts the artist’s main body of work. Do collectors take prints seriously? Oh Yes, in some cases, they absolutely do. As a way…

Heidi Wickham limited edition print
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