Crab Island by Kaye Maahs

Why do People Buy Art?

Why do people buy art?

There are many reasons why someone buys a piece of art – but it normally breaks down to one of these four reasons.

(a) Primarily, in almost all cases at a contemporary art level, it’s because the person LOVES a piece, it complements their space or triggers an emotional memory.

(b) As a financial investment decision – i.e. liking the way an upcoming artist’s career trajectory is looking – or because it is the work of an already high profile artist – or finally it is the work of an important historic artist.

(c) because one is decorating a home, an office or even public commercial space – and great art choices will almost certainly enhance this space and speak volumes to the feeling you want that space to evoke

(d) as a beautiful legacy gift to present to family or someone important

Featured Piece: Crab Island by Kaye Maahs
Link to the Piece HERE