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15.5″(39cm) x 8″(20cm) x 5.5″(14cm) – measurements include polished marble base.

Sheep seem to be the order of the day in Kilbaha Gallery at the moment; but then its hardly surprising that artists and art lovers alike are somewhat fascinated by these very lovely, rather docile, animals. With their sweet faces and cloud-like wool coats, it’s no wonder that they have a fairly universal appeal.
This bronze sheep by the sculptor ‘Arturas’ is just an adorable piece of original art. Patinated with a deep purple and shined bronze edges, this sheep looks relaxed and happy and distinctly unperturbed by the small feathered ‘passenger’ she has acquired, who has found a cosy perch on her back.

Sculpted and cast in his own studios in Galway, Arturas has brought his own quirky and superbly artistic take to this piece of art. Sitting on a solid, polished base of Lithuanian Pink Granite – also adorned with bronze detailing.

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