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Originally a Kerry native, artist Kaye Maahs, has been living in the Burren, North Co. Clare for many years now – finding a constant stream of inspiration for her work at almost every turn. This latest edition of two oils on canvas were inspired by a stretch of coast road between Kilkee and Kilballyowen, Co. Clare, called the Dunlicky Drive, and a point there known as Foohagh. Two of the many sea stacks on that drive became her focus. Deliberate, visible brush strokes, which up close are almost not fully connected and seem soft, or even a bit difficult to define, but when standing from a distance, suddenly all fall together to produce the desired outcome and the magic happens. This kind of painting, a form of impressionism is for lovers of fine art; relying on the viewer understanding what the artist has done – how they have managed to pull together light, shade and form in such a clever and seemingly subtle way, but one that from afar suddenly produces this amazing depiction.

Part of a Pair (Edition of two) – See Dunlicky Sea Stack II here 

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