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10.5″(27cm) x 10.5″(27cm) – measurements include frame

‘Contemplation’ is a beautiful and striking original work of encaustic art, using hot pigmented wax.

Pauline Dunleavy is an artist, local to West Clare, whose work always encapsulates the pure love of her surroundings, a love that stems from growing up in the West Clare countryside, all the way through to adulthood and her never ending love of hiking, cycling, swimming and enjoying her coastline. An artist, art teacher and indeed retailer in the West, Pauline’s work is well known and sought after.

Encaustic Art is an ancient medium using molten pigmented beeswax. It’s an immediate and tactile method of painting, as when the layers of wax are laid, using a blow torch, the effect is dramatic and immediate.

When I paint in encaustic, I try and recall a memory of the past and build up a different and unique piece to grasp that moment in time. I truly loved making these pieces”, Pauline. 

(NOTE: Due to the heavy use of wax, pieces of this nature should be kept in cool, even temperature places – i.e., not in direct sunlight, or near a stove)

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