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11.5″ (29cm) x 16″ (40cm) x 3.5″ (9cm)

Seamus Connolly is one of Ireland’s leading portrait sculptors, with life-size commemorative works to be found dotted across the country. However it is his smaller, stylized animal sculptures that he finds so much joy in and which continue to be very popular amongst art lovers at home and abroad. This particular bronze dog is the first in the newest edition of fun and quirky dog sculptures, by the renowned sculptor. With two dimensional elements, structured into a three dimensional piece, this gorgeous boy is waiting patiently to have his head rubbed. With ears back and head tilted, this adorable piece is patinated with layers of varying blues and greys for depth of colour and the tips of the ears and nose are shined up for that extra touch of glamour. This boy is ADORABLE!

A stunning collectable bronze for your home or office.

Irish contemporary art – leading bronze sculptor – Seamus Connolly – Highly collectable – Irish Art – Original artwork – Investable art – Corporate and Domestic Collections

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