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approx. 19cm width x 25cm height x 4.5cm depth ( 7.5″ x 9.8″ x 1.8″ )
Weight approx 3.5kg Bronze

Connolly’s stylised animals just seem to get cuter by the minute. This little guy (although weighing in at a nice 3kg) is just the sweetest little piece. Beautifully coloured in a teal blue patina, layered for varying depth of colours (which cleverly also creates beautiful light and shade on something that is seemingly so flat) this piece has won the hearts of all the girls who work here – each of us in turn picking him up, stroking him, moving him from place to place just to see how cute he appears here and there. We settled on the mantlepiece above our stove because it seemed the most fitting for a cosy cat.
On the serious side, this is the only cat of this particular style by the renowned sculptor and would be a very collectable little piece.  Its a great price point for an original bronze of this size.

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