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17.5″(44cm) x 3″(7cm) x 5″(13cm) – bronze stylized cat

With his tall neck, flat face and striking blue/grey patina, this is a beautiful, elegant example of one of Seamus Connolly’s rather exaggerated, stylized, bronze animals. Sculpted, cast, metal finished and patinated by himself all in his own studios here in Kilbaha, Seamus spends quite some time getting just the right depth of colour at the very end, by layering various shades of colours on top of one another. His animals are wonderfully endearing while also being artistically quirky and very collectable.

Seamus Connolly is one of Ireland’s leading portrait sculptors, with life-size commemorative works up and down the country – also celebrated for his stylized bronze animals, which are highly collectable artworks.

Bronze Foundry – Kilbaha Gallery – Family Business – Bronze Cat – Collectable – Sculpture – Irish Art – Original Irish Art –

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