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25cm Height x 15cm Width including heavy square stone base

There is the obvious resemblance here to the famous Botticelli painting, Birth of Venus, where the goddess Venus makes her way to shore having emerged, fully grown, from a clam shell.  This particular bronze figure is of a female actually forming a part of and merging with a large sea shell. Perhaps similarly, both pieces are looking at the ‘humanising’ of legends, myths and even feelings etc. Maybe this piece by Arturas is humanising the close relationship between people and the sea?  The fact that the sea has forever been such a rich source of food and life and inspiration for humans?
Whatever the thought process was, we simply adore it. Apart from being really interesting to look at, from the detail on the shell to the colours used in the patination, this piece is also really tactile and in fact you find yourself regularly drawn to touching it. It also has a somewhat optimistic feel to it, as the female figure stares lovingly toward the sky; perhaps gazing at the stars or maybe heralding the sun, but either way, admiring mother natures masterpiece. Another truly engaging artwork by the Lithuanian born but Irish resident artist, Arturas Karabanovas. Be sure to go through all the accompanying imagery here to get a real sense of this beautiful sculpture.

Irish contemporary art  – bronze sculpture – bronze female figure – really collectible pieces – full of personality and spirit – interesting –

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