Original Art – The Added Value

Original Art = Added Value. 

When it comes to art, you aren’t just faced with the bare ingredients or the raw material. You are faced with the extraordinary added value.
What do we mean? Well, bronze, for example, on its own is merely a copper alloy – the added value is when an artist turns it into a beautiful piece of sculpture that will last forever.
Oil paints are nothing more than various pigments in oil – the added value is what striking and important paintings are created with them.
The same can be said for stone, wood and indeed most natural and artistic materials.

The added value is what comes next in the life of any raw material.

These paintings and sculptures themselves are also then adding value in your life – because they add beauty and interest to your surroundings;  they make you feel better when you see them and when people ask you about them and they form part of your life story. In fact, your choices can tell a story about you as a person and perhaps about that time in your life when you bought them or received them.
They also add value to your life,  just by being there.
They can become extraordinarily sentimental, wonderfully emotive and often a vital part of your legacy that you are safeguarding for the next generation.

Finally, then, there is the financial value over time; with art being an asset that will always (for the most part) hold its value or indeed even appreciate in value, art is a wonderful way of investing your money in something that simultaneously brings you joy.

Selling your art or indeed passing it on to the next generation is adding further value to every piece as it changes hands into the future.

Added certainly means added value.

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