How to build an exciting art collection

Featured Painting – Bull on Gold by Sallyann Beirne – to buy click HERE How to build an exciting art collection, even if you don’t know much about the industry. There is only one major rule. Learning about the art industry in its entirety, or in some acutely intense way, would be very interesting and…

Sallyann Beirne for Kilbaha Gallery Buy Irish Art Online
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Original Art by Heidi Wickham at Kilbaha Gallery

Original Art by Heidi Wickham Quite a while ago, we fell in love with the work of Heidi Wickham. She is an artist in the most beautifully natural way. It takes quite the artistic ability, to be able to achieve that wonderful balance between producing something that perfectly resembles the subject matter and – yet…

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New Contemporary Bronzes

As a sculptor, Seamus Connolly really doesn’t disappoint. Because his main body of work is largely private and public commissions on a commemorative level (i.e. life-size public statues etc), his small contemporary, stylized pieces are harder to come by and don’t last very long in the gallery.

Also, by their very nature (i.e. individually sculpted and cast limited editions) he can only make them one at a time, so all of those factors makes for a much sought after combination.

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