Art can make the perfect Corporate Gift

Featured Image: Bronze Apple by Arturas – view it HERE When it comes to a work colleague, visiting dignitary or a valued client, original art is a brilliant idea as a corporate gift.  Not only is it of high quality, but it is unique and original and sophisticated. There also is the option to start…

Arturas for Kilbaha Gallery Bronze Sculpture Irish Art
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Four Wheels and a Roof – Visited our Gallery

It was somewhat late in the summer of 2021, before we were in a position to re-open our doors to the public since the onset of Covid restrictions – and thankfully, although, it was almost like working through some sort of controlled experiment, and we were quite nervous about it all, it worked out very…

4 wheels one roof
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Locked Down on Loop Head

Locked Down in Loop Head Co Clare (could be worse, to be fair!) Its a cold and crisp but very beautiful start to 2021 here on Loop Head. Kilbaha Gallery (like the rest of the world) is locked down again for god knows how long and we are staying as safe as we can. We…

Loop Head Peninsula Co Clare Buy Irish Art
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