Perhaps you are considering a career in art –  Or perhaps you are already firmly entrenched in the industry? – but either way, you may find yourself asking some – or all – of the following questions.

1 – You might be looking to navigate the art industry, but aren’t sure what direction to go in?

2 – Perhaps you are hoping to sell your work directly but need advice?  

3 – Or would you like to have private gallery representation?  Or both?

4 – Should you be creating collections?  

5 – Do you have to partake in exhibitions?  

6 – What is the difference between operating in the amateur space or embarking on a professional career in art? 

And there are many more!

As long-time curators of a private, contemporary art gallery in the West of Ireland, and with a family background steeped within the industry, we have a unique understanding of what it’s like for artists starting out in the industry.  And we know it can be a minefield of directions and choices.

We have put together this E-Book, ‘Smashing it in the Art Industry’ – to help artists navigate the industry, to bring clarity to the many varying directions artists can take and to help artists gain more autonomy over their career paths.

So, whether you enjoy art as a hobby; are emerging on to the scene and want some clarity around it all; are in art college and are wondering what your next steps might be, or indeed, whether you are already an established artist who is merely interested to read our observations – then download our E-Book today!  We are certain it will be useful.

Smashing it in the Art Industry – from the perspective of a private contemporary art gallery.

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“The art industry can often feel somewhat vague, and not just to people outside the industry, looking in, but to those within it too…” says Liz Greehy, co-founder of Kilbaha Gallery.

“…Even though we can only write from our own experience, and from our own very specific end of the industry, we do feel that this document just might help bring a bit of clarity to the various directions an artist can take”.

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