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93.5cm Width x 75.5cm Height / 36.8″ Width x 29.7″ Height
Framed – Behind Glass     * discussion required regarding shipping.

For those of us who are familiar with Madigan’s rather incredible knowledge of the seashore (she is the author of a factual book on the topic of the seasons and species of a rocky shore and is approved by the Marine Institute to teach this), her rock pool paintings are, we know, something of a phenomenon. They are generally mixed media pieces and totally draw you immediately to the shoreline. Previous rockpool paintings have been bought up by the OPW and indeed have been sold internationally to art buyers.  Carmel doesn’t normally use dark colors in her work but in this case, it’s perfectly fitting and in fact, lends a rather exciting and dramatic element to the work.  Nicely complemented by the teals, greys and whites that one would associate with the little rocks pools discovered on a winter stroll along the shoreline.

Stunning piece of artwork – perfect as a domestic buy or to place in a busy foyer setting or public thoroughfare.

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