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62cm Width x 74cm Height / 24″ Width x 29″ Height

To say we are smitten with Danny Smiths work would be an understatement – his latest pieces are so alive, so full of colour and vibrancy. There is almost an urgency visible in his brushstrokes, so much so that you can sense these were painted with the utmost confidence.  Smiths knowledge of colour is simply mesmerising and if you spend time looking closely at his pieces you will see why.
‘Wine Bottles’ is a fabulously contemporary piece and would be amazing in a study or living space, in a public dining room or the reception area of an upmarket wine bar or restaurant.  This is an original piece of art and is acrylics on canvas, framed.
Super price point for this work.

public or private artwork – contemporary piece  – superb collector’s piece.

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