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60cm (24″) x 60cm (24″) (Not framed – oil on board)

A childhood spent gardening with her grandfather, meant that Eadaoin Harding Kemp was always going to have a grá and fascination for nature’s incredible bounty. One particular occasion, having previously spent some time with her grandfather in the garden, sowing quite a lot of rather uninspiring looking, brown seeds, Eadaoin returned, only to be greeted by a carpet of rich, red flowers. They were everywhere; poppies all over the place; all wonderfully bright red, full of life and rather beautiful. Eadaoin was instantly enamoured with the stunning flower and went on to grow many poppies in her own garden. This colourful and bright painting in oils, is Eadaoin’s take on an unfurling poppy. Not very sturdy at  this stage, the flower is, in fact, almost ‘crepe paper’ like in texture as it begins to open out into the world – but despite its fragility, nothing can take from its vibrant and exciting shade of red and the power that it holds, above all others, in any garden setting.
Eadaoin’s particular style of painting is instantly recognisable and very striking. Her work is really impactful in any space – this particular painting, oil on board, is unframed but doesn’t require a frame and stands alone, rather fabulously.

Irish contemporary art – poppy – Eadaoin Harding Kemp – incredible colours – contemporary art at its best – Collectable Work –



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