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Turbulent Seas on Loop Head



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36.5″ (93cm) x 28.5″ (73.5cm)

Turbulent seas on Loop Head, although potentially unnerving at times, are something we look forward to experiencing (safely) whenever a storm has been whipped up on the Atlantic and made its way to our beautiful West Coast of Ireland. There is nothing more magnificent, nothing more awe-inspiring and nothing more humbling than watching Mother Nature at work, from the cliff tops of the Loop.
Mark Eldred has brought his extraordinary talent to the table once again with this striking oil on canvas depiction of those powerful ocean moments. You can really feel the energy of the waves from this painting, as they crash against the cliffs.
A piece of art that moves you almost as much as if you were stood on the clifftop itself.

Irish art – Mark Eldred – Oil on Canvas – Majestic Framing – Hugely impactful Piece.

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