Tree Stump from the Ancient Forest, Rinevella Bay

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Tree Stump from the Ancient Forest, Rinevella Bay



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28.5″ (72.5cm) x 18.5″ (47cm) (Framed behind Glass)

One of the unique natural phenomenon in West Clare, is the remains of a petrified, ancient forest that appears in spots along the southern coastline of the West Clare Loop Head Peninsula, between Querrin and Rinevella (Carrigaholt) – due to being ultimately totally submerged by the sea at the mouth of the river Shannon, the ancient forest was preserved due to lack of oxygen and a mineralising of the wood over time, making it hard like stone. Now only seen at very low tide, parts of the stumps from this forest are an amazing rather unusual natural connection to our past. Captured here by artist, author and lifelong bird watching / naturalist consultant Phil Brennan, is a beautiful water colour depiction of a bird perched gently on the end of one of these Tree Stumps at Rinevella Bay. Phil has spent much of his life time doing field work in such spots of natural beauty along the Clare Coast and his experts eye for detail is refreshing.

Irish Art – Original Artwork – Watercolour – Phil Brennan – Petrified Forests – Irish artists – Birdwatching – Nature

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