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At night, especially those long, gentle summer nights, special places become even more magical and precious.

Fiona Quinn Cartwright has the most amazing ability to paint a picture that connects you almost immediately to it but, although the beauty and mesmerising nature of the piece comes from the energy and work that Fiona has put into the painting,  that ‘connection’ with it, actually comes from the viewers own experiences; your own emotional response to it. Generally, it doesn’t matter where the painting was set, because ultimately it’s about the feeling it evokes, the sensation it imbues – just by looking at it and feeling – and thinking – and being. Staring at this painting, propels one to a state of calm and quiet; suddenly, you find yourself listening to the ebb and flow of the evening tide.

Irish Contemporary Art – Irish Art – Fiona Quinn Cartwight – Sense of Calm – Oil on canvas – beautiful places –

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