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The Winkle Picker, Cappa Pier



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11″928cm) x 13″(33cm) – measurements include the frame

The Winkle Picker, Cappa is a beautiful, small, watercolour original by the superb West Clare contemporary artist signing their work as ‘D’. This depicts the now famous bronze statue of local man ‘Paddy Hanrahan’ known fondly as ‘The Winkle Picker’. The statue is a much loved piece on Cappa Pier.

D is an artist based in the West, whose love of art and love of the locality has resulted in a gorgeous and fast growing collection of beautifully created watercolours and oil paintings too, of various well known landmarks that they love to frequent.

Collectable work – watercolour original – Irish art – Cappa – West Clare – Winkle Picker

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