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The Rock, Cappa (Kilrush)



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40″ (101cm) width x 30″ (76cm) height – including frame

Lovers of Cappa, West Clare, will be very familiar with this popular swimming spot.
‘The Rock’, is a narrow strip of concrete that stretches out into the water, famous for providing easy access for swimmers across the stony beach and into the sea (technically the mouth of the river Shannon). The artist signing their work as ‘D’ has captured this well known landmark in oils on canvas, with expert precision and wonderful detail. The clarity of the water and in particular, this gorgeous aspect across the Shannon almost lures you in to the very painting itself.

Absolutely mesmerising.

Irish Contemporary Art – the artist known as ‘D’ – Framed – Oils on Canvas – Cappa – West Clare – Fine Art – detail- Seascape – superb –

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