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Bronze sculpture (driftwood and stone base) – 17.5″ (44cm) tall and approximately 9″ wingspan (width)

The Mórrígan is a goddess from Irish mythology, associated with war and fate. She can take the form of a crow, the Badb. In this form she would appear before battle to foretell the death of a warrior or to create fear and confusion, to give victory to those she sides with. Depicted so beautifully here in bronze by the wonderfully skilful artist, Adam Pomeroy. There are only two pieces in this series – Mórrígan and Freyja. Both of these exquisite one-off pieces, were meticulously and carefully sculpted, cast into bronze and metal finished by the artist himself in the bronze foundry here in Kilbaha.  Both of these pieces are carefully standing on pieces of driftwood, which are then set on stone.

These sculptures can be purchased separately or as a pair.

Irish Contemporary Art – Bronze Sculpture – Irish Mythology – One off Piece – Original Work –

Adam Pomeroy sculpts and paints to the highest standards and only as he feels inspired to do so. This makes his work wonderfully collectable and supremely exciting. With an incredible collection of biblical paintings hanging in Cathedrals across Ireland, and with work hanging nationally and internationally in private collections, Pomeroy’s work would be of interest to art lovers and discerning art buyers.



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