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105cm x 105cm / 41″ x 41″  – Large Artwork – metre x metre piece –

As collectors of her work would know, Gillian is most well known, for her truly atmospheric and gentle, seascapes and lakeside paintings. Her ethereal colour palettes and misty depictions bring a sense of wonder and instant calm to all those who view them.. In more recent years, Gillian had evolved to doing more abstract pieces, very much inspired by the combination of darker colours and geometric shapes (See her Celesital or Convergence editions). She was also experimenting with new processes, such as her foray into layering and paring back, with cold wax and the use of mixed media.

In this particular piece, ‘Lie of the Land II’, Gillian has decided to once again merge these two contrasting styles.

In the background of this painting, you will find her calm and atmospheric seascape. In the middle, Gillian has included, through her colour layering process, some very delicate, celtic spirals and then across the foreground, almost leading you back in, towards the body of the painting, are a host of those geometric shapes and lines.

A beautiful and interesting merging of both the traditional and the contemporary styles that she is accustomed to using and quite a pivotal piece in terms of the career span of this very interesting and collectable artist.

This would be SUPER impactful in a public foyer, thoroughfare or large and modern domestic space.

Irish Contemporary artist – pivotal piece – merging of styles – Gillian Murphy – Acrylic and Cold Wax – Original Artwork – Metre x Metre – Framed

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