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The Chinoiserie Vase



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approx. 55cm x 74cm ( 21.7″ x 29.1″ )
Framed – Behind Glass – Requires a discussion on shipping

Inspired by the Chinese Blue and White Era, which ultimately created the Chinoiserie style, this gorgeous painting of a crisp blue vase, with matching blue swirled flowers is so incredibly striking on the wall. This particular crisp chinoiserie blue (mostly associated with white and blue pottery through the ages) is such an arresting shade of blue and is beautifully replicated by Carmel on the vase, and in the flowers and again on the base. The layering of acrylics on heavy watercolour paper in a swirling pattern creates an almost three dimensional effect on the flowers. Framed beautifully and sitting within the white mount, this truly beautiful painting will stand out and be a talking point in any setting.

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