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‘Quayside’ (Bronze Swans)



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26.5″ (67cm) in width  x 10″ (25cm) at its tallest and  8″ (20cm) in width (at the widest part) 

This adorable sculpture of a pair of bronze swans, entitled ‘Quayside’,  will be a real talking point in your collection. Impressively large, this beautiful duo – sculpted by the highly acclaimed artist Ester Barrett – are carefully placed, facing each other on a bronze base. Swans will mate for life, choosing their partner when they are young birds; so its safe to presume that this pair were a life coupling.  Although Swans are amongst the largest flying birds, they are incredibly graceful.  Ester has really captured their noble appearance, through their specific body movements and by emphasising their long, slender necks and elegant faces.

**Heavy Piece at approx 19kg

Bronze Sculpture – Ester Barrett – Irish Contemporary Art – Bronze – Bronze Foundry – Swans – Collectable Art – Invest in Irish Art – Original Irish Art –

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