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Summer is epitomized in so many varying ways for people. For artist Eadaoin Harding Kemp, what helps to epitomize summer, are the giant sunflowers in her garden, growing extraordinarily tall and opening out in the rather exaggerated and welcoming fashion that they do. Taller than you feel they should ever be as a flower, with their large faces and wild petals, they are almost rather like a caricature of themselves, and never cease to make people smile. Eadaoin has created this vibrant depiction, using oils on board. The sunflower is strong in the foreground and simply radiates happiness; with the echium tree, also tall and proud and the vivid blue sea in the background, all adding to a sensation of freedom, of a warm breeze on your face, of summer sunshine and cocktails, as you allow yourself to become deeply immersed in this.

Eadaoin’s use of colour is always on point and coupled with her instantly recognisably style of painting, this particular piece of original art makes a powerful impact in your space.

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