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12″ (30cm) x 39″ (99cm) – Not framed

There is a softness to this painting that makes our hearts sing. One of Eadaoin Harding kemps recognisable traits is her use of perspective. She draws you into a painting by highlighting the foreground as being immediately in front of you and allowing the rest of the painting to ebb away from you, as though you were standing right there in that spot looking to the distance yourself. The rushes in the foreground are spectacular and her meadow, of varying colours is so alluring you want to run through it, grabbing the rushes in your fingers and inhaling the freshness. Summer Fields really epitomizes freedom.

This is a long canvas and so the painting itself spans across your wall rather as though it were the actual landscape itself. A window to heaven, if you will.  Another superb original work by Harding-Kemp.

Irish contemporary art – original artwork – Oils on canvas – striking – collectable –

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