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37.5″(95cm) x 25.5″(65cm) – measurements include the frame – landscape orientation

Lovers of the geology of the Loop Head Peninsula, will be aware of its supreme significance in terms of the strata that can be viewed from above sea level. The result of many millions of years of layering and pressure, and having emerged from the sea over the generations, the extraordinary layers of rock are the subject of many a trip by geologists and nature lovers in general, to view, map and learn from what they can see around the Headland.

This natural phenomenon is so beautifully captured here in oils by the uber talented Ivan Daly. His detail but also his handling of the angle, the composition of the painting, the drama and movement of the ocean below, all are superb.

Ivan has an upward trajectory, is showcasing in galleries around Ireland and having rapidly carved a niche and style that is intrinsically his, he is fast becoming hugely sought after. Discerning collectors will watch closely.

Ivan Daly – Irish Contemporary artist – original oil on canvas – large piece – hugely collectable artist – loop head – framed work – headland – seascape – off collectors’ interest


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