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105cm x 105cm / 41.3″ x 41.3″
Original Art – Acrylics – Framed (note the dimensions as this is quite a large, impressive piece.

Gillian Murphy is, to us, akin to a fine wine that just keeps getting better and better. Her work is so striking and can evoke a million emotions and feelings on first glance. This particular painting of Murphy’s, which only just arrived at the gallery this week, has caught everyone’s attention. Not least because of its size, (it stands proudly at approximately a metre squared), but because it INSTANTLY engages you. Entitled ‘Sojourn’, this painting is moving, atmospheric, sad, happy, lonesome, beautiful and just incredibly alluring.  Her use of colour, the textured layers, the perspective within, the scene itself, all draws you right in and leaves you standing there, staring and pensive.  Some have even said they can see the face of an angel in the sky; that observation, I shall leave up to you!

If you have a big contemporary space that can take this, perhaps in your home or in a beautiful reception area, public thoroughfare or foyer, this is the piece you have been waiting for!  

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