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38″ (96.5cm) x 26″ (66cm) – Framed

Heidi Wickham is one of the most exciting artists currently on the contemporary art landscape. With a huge following for her original work, an international and national buyer base, both corporate and domestic buyers and many successful exhibitions and solo shows, Wickham is fast becoming really very collectable. Her love of animals and her ability to perfectly capture their funny little personality quirks and poses in the most realistic and yet superbly artistic manner, is what has catapulted her to the status she now enjoys.
A Heidi Wickham original is on many wish lists right now. This guy ‘Snouty Dog’ is just the perfect amount of quirkiness. Wickham tends to draw out her subjects initially using charcoal, which lends itself to the gorgeous smokey effect outline that she achieves. She then paints them out with acrylic and sometimes pastel. Her colour palette here is on seriously on point.

Irish Artist – Heidi Wickham –  Fine Art  – Contemporary Art – Investment Art – Original Art Work – Interior Dream

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