The Sleeping Giant Clogher Head Dingle

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The Sleeping Giant Clogher Head Dingle



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88cm (34 inches) x 66cm (26 inches) Framed
Oil on Canvas

You can almost feel and even hear the vigour of the ocean in this magnificent painting of the famous rock formation off Clogher Head in Co. Kerry, known locally as The Sleeping Giant. It is a superbly executed painting,  technically, but then Marks always are. His fascination with the wildness of our West Coast and indeed his choice to live by it and immerse himself in its surroundings makes for some incredible depictions. His command of oils is undeniably impressive; this combined with his use of light throughout, puts you right there, on the cliff edge, breathing in that salty breeze.

A superb piece – highly collectable painting – wonderfully framed – quite big at 34 inches wide –




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