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Growing up in West Clare, something we were constantly in awe of was the geology of the area. With hugely rare formations, from natural arches of bent rock to perfectly flat sections, reaching, in some cases, from the cliff top to the ocean below, in long flat, perfectly smooth sheets. From a young age, we became very used to the hoards of geology students that would regularly visit, to map and walk the coastline that we were treating as our playground.

In Kilbaha Bay, we used to frolic, as children, in the inlets that lay between some of these shelfs of rock. Captured so beautifully and perfectly in oils in this painting, Ivan’s expert hand brings you right there, to where the ocean meets the rocks; to where we would lie out on the warm stone between paddles, letting the sun dry our togs.

Ivan has an upward trajectory, is showcasing in galleries around Ireland, has been chosen to exhibit in this years annual RHA exhibition and having rapidly carved a niche and style that is intrinsically his, is fast becoming hugely sought after.

Ivan Daly – Irish Contemporary artist – original oil on canvas – hugely collectable artist – framed work – headland – seascape – off collectors’ interest

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