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40″ (102cm) x 30″ (76cm) – unframed – oil on canvas

Skellig Michael soared in popularity most recently due to being linked to the filming of Star Wars, but prior to this somewhat unusual claim to fame, the island was already a UNESCO World Heritage Site that attracted many thousands of visitors every year. An awe inspiring island off the South West Coast of Kerry, with an incredible heritage, it is home to a monastic settlement, called St Fionnan’s, which dates all the way back to the 6th century. This striking oil painting by Kaye Maahs, is so wonderfully atmospheric; depicting, incredibly well from a sea vantage point, the island looming up in front of you; large and powerful. The darkness and ruggedness of this large rock, only confirming in your mind how difficult it must have been for those monks all those generations ago, to live out here, in stone huts, praying for all our souls.
Unframed on canvas, this large oil painting by Maahs, with her confident brush strokes and extraordinary use of colour, imbues rather an emotional and spine tingling response; perhaps in the way that this island itself does, when you find yourself in front of it for real.

Another excellent piece of original art by contemporary Irish artist, Kaye Maahs.

Unframed – hugely impactful piece of original art – strongly collectable work –

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